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It previously crested at The current level is The river previously crested just above 37 feet around June 10th.

Red River threatens East Grand Forks with major flooding - Bring Me The News

The Red River at Coushatta previously crested just over 38 feet in mid-June. Currently, it is at The river reached flood stage 31 feet on Sunday.

The river may continue rising approaching 33 feet on Wednesday, before starting to fall as the week ends. The river is rising again, and is now at The river is expected to continue rising with a crest around 36 feet by Thursday or Friday. Farmers and those who live near the Red River need to keep aware of these levels with the expected rise in the Red River and its tributaries.

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  • Red River reaches minor flood levels.

We will continue to bring you the latest levels of the Red River as long as conditions warrant. A Flood Warning will likely continue for many communities surrounding the Red River for the foreseeable future. Water has topped the spillway at Lake Texoma for the second time this year. Hwy 71 near at Index, AR. Alligator Park hopes to re-open this week after flood. Here are the latest observations and forecasts as of mid-morning Wednesday:.

High Rising Red River Lips At I-35 Corridor Bridge

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New flood forecast shows river hitting flood stages on weekend

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Suzy Bogguss Sings Red River Valley at the Ironwood (with special guest Ian Tyson)

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