Hook, Line, and Sinker

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By dallasnews Administrator.

EPC Matters

I was born in Dallas and went to John J. Pershing Elementary School, until my family was transferred to Houston.

I basically went from fish sticks being a staple of my childhood diet to fresh gulf shrimp hoisted over the canal in Kemah on weekends. Back then, Kemah had only a few picnic-style restaurants near the channel. Needless to say, once you have tasted seafood right off a boat like that, frozen fish sticks fall by the wayside. When I returned to Dallas, I was always looking for the best seafood to curb my coastal cravings. The Mexican shrimp cocktail in a chilled ice cream glass is sometimes the only thing to cool you down in a Dallas heat wave.

Hook, Line & Sinker

Sometimes, a basket of fried shrimp and hot water cornbread-style hush puppies is exactly what I want to reel in. But there are options here, and I like that.

Just whose pride and joy lost its Mercury or Johnson to this busy Dallas fish hang? I expected to hear that he had a restaurant designer out there picking antique motors from across the country. One motor came to rest on the deck after a probate process. I sometimes listen to people at the picnic tables. You hear fishing stories from yesteryear.

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Street Address:. Tap into millions of public records, notices and articles on The Daily News with our ever-growing line of services. Bass Pro Shops executives say their store and other attractions at The Pyramid will open May 1, five months after previously planned, and the room hotel they are developing in The Pyramid will begin taking reservations later this month. Bass Pro officials said the store could have opened in December but that they wanted the entire project, which is expected to employ more than people, to open all at once.

The store at The Pyramid will re-create a Delta cypress swamp, with a large body of water on the ground floor taking shape now and foot-tall cypress trees climbing upward into the cavernous building. The swamp is the largest of the aquarium features, which together will total , gallons of water, including an alligator pit that can hold 20 of the reptiles.

High overhead, a welding team was working on the long-awaited observation deck, with sparks from the welding torch dropping hundreds of feet into the dirt basin that will be the simulated cypress swamp. To reach the observation deck, which was planned when The Pyramid was first built but never was completed, visitors will take the largest free-standing elevator 25 stories up. Once at the top, visitors can dine at a restaurant or walk out onto glass-bottomed observation decks offering stunning views of the city and the Mississippi River.

Architect Learn more about Tom Marshall. Although it has taken a bit more time, it will be well worth it.

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