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And since his wife left him, Ryker has been balancing life as a pro-hockey star and a single parent to two daughters. Management is waiting for him to screw up.

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The fans are ready to pounce. Sawyer Bennett scores another solid hit with Ryker! Just wow.

Sawyer Bennett is my new favorite author. Book 5. Off the ice, elite defenseman Hawke Therrien enjoys his fair share of booze and good times. The only thing Hawke misses from that life is the pierced, tattooed free spirit who broke his heart without so much as an explanation. As crazy as she was about Hawke, her reckless behavior and out-of-control drinking were starting to scare her.


She had to clean up her act, and that would never happen with Hawke around. Cutting him loose was the hardest thing Vale ever had to do—until now. And if he could ever learn to forgive her, they just might have a future together. Hawke is sexy, emotional, and fantastic! Sawyer Bennett does it again with Hawke! Book 6. The ice is a cold mistress. Max makes her feel like Cinderella, even though Jules has enough baggage to crush a glass slipper. Max Fournier—sigh—may just be the sweetest man alive, you know what I mean! Book 7. Roman makes being on ice hot! Bennett pushed these characters; forced them to look within.

More in contemporary romance. In her line of work, Sidney Frayne is used to guys hitting on her in bars, but Jared gets her hot enough to burst into flames. Because if she lets Jared into her bed, she just may have to let him into her heart. Although you can read this as a stand-alone story, I thoroughly recommend that you pick up the first two in this series and catch up with the rest of the team.

Go Aces! With a little sadness, a lot of heat, and crazy chemistry, this book was difficult to put down. Five stars. Jared and Sidney were so entertaining. Out of the Game. Book three of In the Zone Alex Sullivan may be the San Diego Barracudas' resident playboy, but he hasn't been able to forget the woman who kissed him like her life depended on it ten months ago.

When he sees her again at a teammate's wedding, he can't think of anything but spending more time with her. Preferably naked. Claire Marzano lost years catering to an overbearing husband, and she's not going to answer to anyone ever again.

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A hot fling is just what she needs to get back in the game, and that's exactly what sexy Alex offers—one wild long weekend away, with no promises or obligations. But that one weekend changes everything. Despite knowing full well Alex isn't the kind to ever commit, Claire is falling for him. And Alex secretly imagines a future with his strong, smart "accidental girlfriend. Don't miss On the Surface and Across the Line, available now!

Book 1. Auden Berezin is used to losing people: her father, her mother, her first love. Now, just when she believes those childhood wounds are finally healing, she loses something else: the soccer scholarship that was her ticket to college. Equal parts muscle and scar tissue, Aleksandr Varenkov knows about trauma. He also lost his family too young, and he channeled the pain into his passions: first hockey, then vodka and women. But all that seems to just melt away the instant he kisses Auden and feels a jolt of desire as sudden and surprising as a hard check on the ice.

Not only does Aleksandr dominate the ice, but he fights for what he wants outside of the rink as well. I will definitely read it again! Everything I love about the New Adult genre is right here: a captivating premise, a fresh new setting, and a scorching hot hero who constantly keeps you guessing. The romance is off the charts and Sophia Henry tackles real issues that tug at your heartstrings. Yes, please! I loved watching Aleksandr and Auden work through their broken pasts together. Delayed Penalty is a unique New Adult romance that packs an emotional punch.

And Aleksander is hot.

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Melissa Foster. At least, that was the plan Similar ebooks. Wicked Lust. Book 2. Cain Bonham is as big and bad as they come. His job is to protect not only the patrons, but to zealously guard the secret existence of the club itself. Sloane Preston is all about discovering secrets. As both get caught up in the sinful fantasies that only The Wicked Horse can create, secrets and loyalties will be tested and hearts will risk being broken.

Lots of sex. Dirty sex. As the captain of the Chicago Aces, Marc Dupuis is all business. The apartment he shares with his teammate and best friend, Duncan, is a refuge from the pressures of fame. Their chemistry is off the charts. I loved Major Misconduct! I look forward to reading the next book in the Aces Hockey series. Faceoff: Heller Brothers Hockey Book 2. She's hands off Bishop: An Arizona Vengeance Novel. Jessica Garrett: I started in the development side, planning our fundraising events. I then added an outreach hat. I was working for a homeless shelter at the time, and I wanted to be able to use the community-building I was getting there and at Single Carrot Theatre SCT together somehow.

Then when founder Brendan Ragan left to go to grad school I stepped in and took over the PR and marketing and when founder Giti Jabaily exited the company I gained her education responsibilities as well. They are very special to me and signify very trying, very beautiful times in my life. What are your plans? How did you know it was the right time to leave? I have family there. My cousin and I are very close and I want to be able to spend time with her, while also focusing on my writing and comedy, which has always been my dream. Theatre and acting are an amazing part of my life, but also kind of a 15 detour from The Plan.

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We wanted to not be limited by what people would allow us to be in. Founding artistic director J.

Buck Jabaily and I were close friends. I want to start this company. I want you to be a part of it. CO: Can you talk about the changes moving to Baltimore from Colorado made in your life?

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Looking back, would you do anything differently? I am one of the older founding Carrots and we were waiting for everyone else to graduate. But Baltimore — this place is truly unique. The charm, the blight, the love, the food, the art, the summers. There is no place like it.