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Visit Fastweb. Unigo sets itself apart from the rest of the online scholarships websites.

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Their robust platform offers plenty beyond scholarships, including jobs, internships, college rankings and profiles, and more. This site provides around 3. Unigo offers personalized results to offer you the best opportunities. Chegg, formerly known as Zinch. Visitors can compare different scholarships from all fields and industries. Chegg is updated frequently so that students can quickly be first to apply.

Chegg requires user registration. Once registered, you can search scholarships that are most relevant to your goals and needs, including your age and stage of education. Registered users can organize and save scholarships for later viewing and application. Scholarship opportunities cover a wide-range of opportunities including traditional and vocational schooling and even grad school. This site offers users the ability to search by zip code, cumulative GPA, and more.

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This allows students to find scholarships provided by local business, foundations, and associations—some of the best scholarships to apply for due to localization. Once you have found scholarships for which you would like to apply, you can review deadlines and submission requirements. The interface and search tool are intuitive and easy to use. Registered users can also opt-in to receive reminders so they will never miss a scholarship deadline. Visit Chegg to begin your college funding journey.

The registration process helps narrow down the best awards for you. Make sure to fill out as much as possible. The more information you provide about your college plans, the better your scholarship results will be. They also provide a college comparison tool that allows you to add personal notes and rankings. GoingMerry is a scholarship platform that works with over 7, high schools and focuses on hyperlocal scholarships as well as third-party national scholarship. Completing scholarship applications is free and easy. Students can fill out their information once and the system will automatically find scholarships for which the students qualify.

Their app allows students to quickly find and organize their favorite scholarships. Filtering allows them to search by category, deadline, completion time, award amount, number of winners, number of applications, location, and more. GoingMerry is the best platform for school counselors. Career counselors or college counselors know a lot about the types of scholarships that are available. If you're from a disadvantaged background, you may also be eligible to participate in TRIO, a US government program designed to help low-income families, first-generation college students, and people with disabilities get into college.

TRIO offers guidance counseling and scholarship opportunities. Think about your background. Many scholarships give money to students with particular ethnic or racial backgrounds. There are even a variety of scholarships for students in military families or for students with parents in volunteer or fraternal societies. There are also a lot of scholarships designed for students who are returning to school late in life or beginning at a non-traditional age.

Think about your background and search for unique scholarships that you are eligible for. If you're a current or former foster care child, you may be eligible to participate in the Educational and Training Vouchers program through the federal government. Find more information here. Consider also checking websites from your church or religious organization, community organizations, and local businesses. Many offer scholarships for local students. Keep track of deadlines. Deadlines for scholarship applications are firm. Keep track of deadlines by using a spreadsheet or your personal calendar.

If the deadline is when your paperwork needs to be received, you should send in your application at least a week before it is due. This will assure that it's received on time. Avoid scams. While there are thousands of legitimate scholarship opportunities out there, there are also plenty of people who would be willing to take your money or steal your personal information. This is a scam. Reputable scholarships are there to help you out, not milk your money. These companies are never associated with the US government.

If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Gather important documents.

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Many scholarship applications will ask for academic records, financial information, and other details about you. Type up a resume outlining your extracurricular activities. This will include school activities, community and volunteer activities, and work experience. Type up your resume on the computer. Many universities and colleges now use online applications, so you will probably need an electronic copy of your resume.

Be specific with details on this resume. Include the name of the organization that you worked with, the dates that you worked or volunteered there, the position you held, and the tasks that you completed.

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If you have any special skills, such bilingualism or computer coding knowledge, list those too. If you have a lot of activities or experience, consider making a long version and a short one-page version of this resume. Different scholarship organizations may have different preferences.

Check out this sample applicant resume from the University of Texas Honors Program.

Fill out a practice copy of the application form. You want to make sure your information fits on the application form, so fill out a copy before you fill out the official version. If the application form is not online, make a photocopy of the form. Type your information into the form. Typing your information into the form is best, as it will be more legible than handwriting. Many scholarship forms are available online in PDFs, so typing your information into these forms is simple. Some forms may be available only in hard copy. Be sure to write in blue or black ink and write neatly.

If your handwriting is messy, ask someone else to fill out the form for you. Determine the audience for your essay. Each scholarship organization has particular goals. This can influence how it wants to spend its scholarship money.

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  • Do a little research on the organization so that you understand who is giving out the money. Every higher education institution should have a mission statement and it should lay out the priorities of the school. Most philanthropic organizations will have mission statements too.

    Be sure to address its mission statement directly in your essay.

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    Follow the instructions. If the essay directions ask for answers to particular questions, make sure you answer them. If it asks for double-spaced paragraphs, make sure to format your paper like this. Write something original.

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    College scholarship essays are sometimes boring because writers often use cookie-cutter answers to the assigned topics. Make sure your essay has passion and personal voice. This will help your essay stand out to the scholarship committee. If you are writing about an influential person in your life, start out by telling the story of when you first met this person. If you are writing about an influential book, talk about the first time you read it. Use specific examples. Go for vivid imagery to paint a picture for your reader.