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The Life of Birds | Parenthood

Cancel X. Ask A New Question. Join a lovable group of parrots on an odyssey to the Amazon rain forest. After a fire at their Los Angeles home, the birds fly south in search of paradise and discover a whole lot more.

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You'll grow to love Mowgli, Pearlie, Humpty and the rest of the friendly flock as you fly along and share their many exciting experiences. As you enjoy the story, explore 60 beautifully illustrated and animated scenes to play lots of games, puzzles and other interactive activities.

Join in sing-alongs and learn about world geography, the rain forest, clouds and birds. Drinking blood is an unusual diet, and research published last year showed that vampire finches have evolved specialized bacteria in their guts to aid digestion. Even more surprising, according to a paper this week in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B , is that some of these bacteria are similar to ones found in the vampire bats of Central and South America.

Baby Birds Out of the Nest

Do disparate animals with the equivalent of fad diets — eating only ants and termites, for instance — develop similar gut microbiota over evolutionary time? Vampire finches, which were first spotted in , provided Dr.

Song with a chance to look across the guts of blood-drinkers from different branches of the tree of life. They only resort to their vampiric diet in lean times, and blood is dangerously high in salt and iron — and low in essential nutrients such as B vitamins.

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Vampire bats face the same dietary challenges. Song already had collected data on vampire bats. When Dr.

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But as the team showed in their paper, the two gut microbiomes did have one ingredient in common that could help with digesting blood: high levels of Peptostreptococcaceae, a group of bacteria thought to help process sodium and iron. Song said.