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In my road there live known drug dealers and violent thugs, they "work" day and night out in the open, and police know what they are doing but can't don't want to? Fascism is so endemic in Italy that you actually want the government to enforce laws against drug distribution and use.

Good little brown shirt. Now I see why Italy was part of the axis. In case you want to discuss this issue more seriously instead of just slinging "brown shirt"s around:. I want the police to enforce laws against hard drug distribution. I don't care at all whether you enjoy a spliff in a private place. I want th. I want the police to arrest people who break into our condominium's basement, hide their drugs, leave used needles on the floor, smear the walls with blood. Or, of course, overprescription of legal medications.

Insider Logic Bombs

It's not caused by drug use. Again, you've chosen the fascist's solution, and it is a final one. If your a plumber either does something negligently or intentionally wrong the police aren't likely to arrest them, why should it be different when a computer is involved?

You can figure out the rest from here following the logic breadcrumb I left you. If not then please do not breed. If your plumber intentionally floods your house every few months then yes, the police will arrest and prosecute him. Proving that he's doing so could be tricky and after his work fails the first time you'll probably just employ a different plumber, which is actually the reason you see so few plumbers get arrested. If your a plumber either does something negligently or intentionally wrong the police aren't likely to arrest them,.

The police can and WILL arrest a plumber if you can prove that they sabotaged something they worked on. They generally do not because you rarely go to the bother of obtaining proof, you simply change plumbers. If your a plumber either does something negligently or intentionally wrong the police aren't likely to arrest them. Apple, who supports their mobile and desktop systems for a long period of time, several times as much compared to your typical Android? If they wanted obsoleteness, they never would have implemented a software work around for aging batteries, and told people to buy new devices instead.

Any good slashdotter should know what voltage sag is, and how you correct and deal with it.

They didn't detect it and then turn down the speed, though. They just did it. They didn't do any kind of testing to determine whether it was necessary on users' devices, and they didn't let users decide whether it should be done. And as the GP says, they make the phones a PITA to repair; many users would simply opt to replace the battery, if only it were cheaper. That they are surrounded all about by other douchebags doe. That was Apple's actual fuck-up: not telling people about the work-around and making it an optional setting.

But the simple fact is that the fix extended th. I don't necessarily expect any better out of a VBA developer, but I have to say one should be able to easily make a better logic bomb in VBA, say by limiting the length of some vital array by "mistake", or by exploiting one of the many Excel data compatibility bugs. Reminds me of a guy who used to be my business partner would add custom user fields for people who wanted special-purpose data for each record as userfield1, userfield2, etc etc.

He knew he could generalize it, but he chose not to and instead do thousands of dollars of 'upgrade fees' to add userfield2 to the system. Compare this guy's "business model" to Microsoft and Adobe. Once they got buried balls deep in your business with Office and Photoshop, they stopped selling them and started charging you rental. If their corporate liplock on your bank account fails, for whatever reason, you are going to be in the same boat as Siemens.

Past Whistle-Blowers Weigh In on Trump-Ukraine Complaint

Nevermind that was distributed as some kind of "free software". Microsoft and Adobe are up front and honest about what you are purchasing. Want to get Office ? You'll have a copy for life well, unless they go bankrupt and the license servers go down, but that's a whole separate argument. You'll get the subscription. And what you're paying for is made clear from the start.

Now if they said O was a one-time payment, but you had to pay for upgrades, and each version was time limited and they never told you this and disguised the time limit. The big thing preventing people moving their spreadsheets to other platforms is scripting. All the formula stuff is easy to automatically import, but no other spreadsheet software supports VB script and there is no way to automatically, reliably translate it to something else.

We need an open standard for spreadsheet scripting, and it needs to be something other than VBS or JavaScript. I've never used vbscript in a spreadsheet because I am not that sick in the head, but it seems like you could import the data, then port your scripts to Crystal reports which uses vbscript. I have done some moderately complicated things in Crystal. Maybe it could be compiled to asm. Quite frankly any execs at a company the size of Siemens that approved of critical business functions being handled this way should be fired for malice.

If they claim they did not know critical business functions were being handled this way they should still be fired for neglect for not knowing how critical business functions operated that they were in charge of. Laws are spider-webs, which catch the little flies, but cannot hold the big ones.

That's not how you create job security. You put in buzzwords like microservices, no-sql, neural nets, block-chain, IOT, cloud services, etc. They'll have to hire you back to figure it all out, and you have the alibi of "keeping up with trends" and "modernizing the organization to be proactively cyber-ready".

I've rarely seen that punished. Pointy-haired bosses just say, "okay, whatever, just fix it please. Supposing the contractor's logic bombs merely caused his own contributions to cease working rather than breaking existing programs or locking hardware it's not at all clear to me he could have been convicted as a matter of law. Remember the rule of lenity requires ambiguities in the law to be interpreted in the way that is most favorable to defendants and it's unclear if providing code which only works for a limited period of time constitutes intentional damage to the government computer see statute here:.

Putting the logic bombs in was outside the scope of the customer request, and it was willful. That combination makes it an open and shut case. Writing a piece of software with a shelf life or that will stop working after a certain date and making that have an explicit check is not the same idea as a logic bomb. It may be that data re-organization needs to be done manually by a certain date such as table partitioning , and a program stopping itself to ensure proper maintenance is done, or for license enforcement.

Yes, they said the script itself crashed. There is nothing stated that the script ran any kind of malicious payload calculated to cause or actions to happen to a computer system, such as deleting or damaging other files, or interfering with other software: only the developer's own script stopped running - the concept of "Logic Bomb" - is software that conducts sabotage to a computer system and spreads damage; the word "Bomb" is because there is a blast radius that encompasses an entire system - as. If you've ever wondered why your company has a mandatory vacation policy, that's why.

If you've ever wished your company had such a policy, there's a good argument for you to use. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. The logic bomb would crash spreadsheets after a certain date, resulting in Siemens hiring the contractor to fix the latest bugs.

Among the work he was asked to perform was the creation of spreadsheets that the company was using to manage equipment orders. The spreadshees included custom scripts that would update the content of the file based on current orders stored in other, remote documents, allowing the company to automate inventory and order management.

But while Tinley's files worked for years, they started malfunctioning around According to court documents , Tinley planted so-called "logic bombs" that would trigger after a certain date, and crash the files.

logic bomb

Every time the scripts would crash, Siemens would call Tinley, who'd fix the files for a fee. The scheme lasted for two years, until May , when Tinley's trickery was unraveled by Siemens employees. According to a report from Law , the scheme fell apart when Tinley was out of town, and had to hand over an administrative password for the spreadsheets to Siemens' IT staff, so they could fix the buggy scripts and fill in an urgent order.

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