My Favorite Mistake: An A Circuit Novel

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I just wanted to slap her silly most of the time. If you love horses and drama this is the book for you! Sorry US only. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me bookittyblog View my complete profile. Search This Blog.

My Favorite Mistake: An A Circuit Novel

Current Giveaways. Follow by Email. Currently-reading currently-reading. Bethzaida has read 4 books toward a goal of 70 books. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact EDs in the horse world are addressed, but the fact the character's POV is used to tell a major part of the story and then the issue is ignored is very unsatisfying. I also don't get why it's so important that the Bloomberg stand-in Tommi sells this one horse to make or break her career as a pro. I realize this is fantasy, but even then, it's hard to believe that selling one horse--even an expensive one--is the end all and be all of any horsewoman's life in this income bracket.

The same thing happened with the end of the first book--pages of light fluff, then a serious incident which is sort of brushed off. I'm getting these books from the library, so I might finish off the series for free. I'm mainly using these as research for my own equestrian fiction.

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But there's an absence of horse stuff or juicy inside gossip. The A Circuit series is one of those guilty pleasure type of books. It's formulaic and features superficial, not always likable, somewhat amoral characters. And yet, I eagerly suck up these books for the world of horses and privileged teenagers.

My Favorite Mistake is aptly titled. Tommi, Kate, and Zara, the three stars of this series, seem to be in an unofficial competition over who can do the dumbest things. Tommi - the uber rich, ambitious horsewoman - is facing common teen woes. She wants to The A Circuit series is one of those guilty pleasure type of books. She wants to take her commitments seriously, but she also wants to have fun like any other kid her age. But fun comes at a consequences when you're trying to prove to your skeptical father than horses are a viable career.

I was frustrated with Tommi's actions in this book, but I can see where she's coming from. In many ways, she is the most realistic character in the series. I'm guessing her life experiences and personality are based heavily off of Georgina. Kate was my favorite character from the first book.

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The only rider who is not wealthy. Kate feels like she has to be the perfect rider, the perfect employee, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect friend, the perfect daughter She loses it in this book. She's so worried about living up to her impossible standards that she refuses to eat, she worries constantly, and jeopardizes her future. It seemed over the top to me. I'm sure there are people who are really like this, but not many. I felt like the authors were trying too hard to show us that Kate was over-stressed. Zara is the hardest character to like in the series.

But it's hard not to. She is mean.

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Zara has so many walls up, that the nicer people try to be to her, the meaner she is to them. However, because we read her thoughts when she's saying these awful things, we understand her. I want to shake her much of the time, but I can't help feeling sorry for the girl who in many ways has a very difficult life. I like the juxtaposition of meanness and vulnerability. We see this even more in the second book when Zara is trying to be better, but keeps getting trapped by her own demons and her new "nanny.

The writing is nothing memorable, but neither is it bad. For awhile I rolled my eyes at the overuse of the word "definitely" and "totally" in the characters' speech. Unrealistic teen-speak, I thought. Until I started listening to myself and re-read a few of my reviews and realized that "definitely" and "totally" are too of my favorite words. My bad. On the slang front, this is the first time I have ever used that phrase. It isn't as wild and crazy with sex and drinking as the first book was, but those are still present. I would like a little more references to clothing brands and other accouterments of wealth - I love name dropping - but the horse terminology is enough of an adventure.

A decent read. Mar 03, Justin rated it it was amazing.

I was extremely impressed by My Favorite Mistake. I love horses, so that helped to make this book a really easy read for me.

I have never read anything by Catherine Hapka, and I found it interesting how Gerogina Bloomberg was co-author of the book. Both of these ladies have a vast knowledge of horses, so it was nice to have some accurate information when it comes to that aspect of the story. I don't have nearly the amount of knowledge that they do, but just from having a basic understanding of h I was extremely impressed by My Favorite Mistake.

My Favorite Mistake An A Circuit Novel The A Circuit

I don't have nearly the amount of knowledge that they do, but just from having a basic understanding of horses, equipment and care of horses it was very easy for me to understand all of the terminology used in the book. One of the things about My Favorite Mistake that I really loved, was that all three of the main characters seemed to get equal spotlight time throughout the book.

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Having the story switch between the characters at a nice pace really helped the story feel very fluid and enjoyable. There was also a really nice balance between the girls outside life, when it came to parties, guys or whatever else might of been going on and their life when it came to training for events and just taking care of the horses at Pelham Lane.

My favorite character had to be Kate, she was just an extremely hard working person and truly loved what she did. But sometimes being so devoted to something can have negative outcomes. Tommi and Zara were great to, don't get me wrong.

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I just felt more attached to Kate because it seemed like she tried so much harder and didn't get quite as much recognition for it. I wasn't impressed with Tommi's dad, it was all about money to him and it was nice to see how Tommi was kind of leaning away from that way of thinking. My Favorite Mistake is an all around great read, it's very fast paced it's got a great story and host of characters.

I would highly recommend it to anyone. Don't be turned off by all the horse terminology, even if you have no knowledge of horses I feel like you could gather a understanding of what they are talking about fairly easily.