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All this has helped to persuade many ordinary Mexicans that he has their interests, rather than his own, at heart. This week a new 70,strong National Guard, mainly of former army conscripts, began to deploy to of the most violent localities across the country. He has taken swipes at projects which he identifies with fat cats. He cancelled a half-built new airport in Mexico City, claiming it was marred by corruption. His government is seeking to renegotiate contracts for vital gas pipelines previously awarded to private energy companies.

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He has slashed the running costs of government while ramping up social spending, especially on non-contributory pensions. He has shut down Prospera, a successful conditional cash-transfer scheme, and eliminated federal subsidies for day nurseries. In their place, he has set up several new cash-transfer programmes, including stipends for mothers, youngsters and the disabled. His critics see it as clientelist populism: the new schemes are identified with the president himself. The critics see this as part of a broader weakening of Mexican institutions.

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Second, AMLO has pledged macroeconomic stability and to maintain the value of the peso. Third, he lacks the two-thirds majority in the Senate required to change the constitution. And Morena itself is a broad and loose movement rather than a disciplined party. If he increases his parliamentary majority, some of those constraints might fade. But some government officials know that too much populist anti-capitalism risks losing the middle-class support he won a year ago.

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The production design are exquisite, with grand sets for the towns and the palace, and elaborate traditional costumes that transport you back in time. As expected, the choreography is just stunning. When it comes to the zombies, Rampant makes some unexpected changes to the mythology. These night demons can be killed by sunlight just like vampires, and you can kill them by destroying either the brain or the heart.

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A gripe with the film is that the characters are flat and one-dimensional. Prince Ganglim Hyun Bin gets the only resemblance of a character arc, as he must learn to grow out of his immature, rascal ways, and accept his responsibilities towards his people. But honestly, who the hell cares? Train to Busan gave us a compelling character-driven zombie film in a confined space, but Rampant finally gives us the Korean epic-scale zombie film we never knew we needed.

Rampant takes a bit to get to the good stuff, and its political subplot is a bit dull.

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But once the zombies start attacking, the film gives audiences spectacular sword fights in epic set pieces. What more could you want? As much as I liked the remake I'd rather see a sequel either to stars series Connect with us.

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